Smart White is available in three different platforms:1) Smart White High Performance platform with a tuning range of 5000K to 2700K (TWH 50K-27K): 500, 750, or 1000 lumens per ft. delivered.

2) Lumenetix platform with tuning range of 8000K to 1650K (TWH‑LTX‑80‑16K). For simple deployment, Lumenetix platform allows up to five scenes to be pre-programmed into the module and recalled at the venue using a 0‑10V. Lumenetix App. Commissioning of the module and re-programming of Scenes are done via the wireless Lumenetix App Via smart-phone or Smart Phone that connects to the embedded radio.

3) Legrand Wattstopper Blanco 3 with tuning range of 6500K to 2700K (TWH-WBL3-65K-27K) Three-channel solution adjusts corrected color temperature (CCT) precisely along the blackbody curve across a wide range of color temperatures to replicate natural daylight.

Smart White can be supplied with a variety of dimming and control protocols 0‑10V. DMX, DALI, or LUTRON EcoSYSTEM:

DIM10 (0‑10V 1% Dimming Standard) Compatible with Elite and Lumenetix platforms.

In order to Control the Color Tuning and dimming option with 0‑10V driver you must dedicate two control inputs, one for the Dimming Control and another for CCT Tuning. Fixtures can be dimmed and tuned with 2 wall box dimmers and are compatible with most control systems and or daylight harvesting systems.


 ELITE-CONNECT 010V. (EC-WC-TWH-HW-MVOLT) Hard Wired Wall-Mount Controller to controls CCT Tuning and Intensity. (Order with DIM10 Option) Available on Elite, Lumenetix platforms. Hard Wired Wall-Mount Controller easily controls CCT Tuning and Intensity through simple Touch Screen pad, provided by Elite Lighting. Ideal for classrooms, small offices, and healthcare patient rooms. Compatible with most Motion Sensors.

DMX (Available on Elite, and Lumenetix platforms) – Compatible with Digital Multiplex Controller, Available with two options: DMX-512: Standard DMX Controller and DMX-RDM: DMX Controller with Remote Device Management.

LUTRON – (Available on Elite platform) Compatible with Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS or GRAFIK Eye 3000 by using two GRX-TVI Lutron 0‑10V Dimming interfaces, one to tune and another control dimming. Also compatible with Lutron VIVE system by using two FCJS-010 PowPak modules per fixture, one to tune and one to control dimming.

LUTECO – (Available on Lumenetix platforms) Compatible with Lutron EcoSystem. Compatible with Lutron GRAFIK Eye EcoSystem, Lutron Energi Saver node EcoSystem, or Lutron Quantum systems.

BLUETOOTH / BLE (Available on Lumenetix platforms) – Dimming and CCT can be controlled via Bluetooth using an app running on smartphones or tablets.

DALI (Available on Lumenetix platforms) – Compatible with Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, available with DT8 option.

DLM (Available on Lumenetix and Wattstopper Blanco 3 platform) – Fixture compatible with Legrand Wattstopper DLM module system.