Our Story

Lighting is all around us. It affects our mood and emotions, creating ambiance in the spaces around us. When we experience spaces that incorporate good lighting, it has positive effects on the quality of our lives, our comfort level, productivity, and contributes to our sense of well-being.

Lighting is a creative extension of architecture, allowing us to appreciate the importance of form, texture, and color. It defines character and creates impressions, complementing the visual experience within the space. Understanding and implementing the use of good lighting design solidifies the intent of the architectural elements.

At Elite Lighting, we understand the impact that lighting has on our everyday lives and have a strong passion for providing exceptional lighting products that show us just how beautiful lighting can be. We have developed products that enhance your lighting design and architectural space, turning your vision into a reality.

Let us show you how the quality and performance of our lighting products can enhance your creativity and inspiration.

We are the Elite source of architectural lighting.

A complete line of high-performance round and square Architectural Downlighting and cylinders in 2” to 10” apertures, exit and emergency lighting for all architectural, commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and assisted living applications, with a full range of dimming options for general, task, and accent lighting. High quality illumination with up to 96 CRI and providing the latest innovations in lighting capabilities.

Highly sustainable and ultra-efficient recessed lighting solutions from 2” to 8” apertures, including track, cove, under cabinet, task and accent lighting in LED and traditional light sources, all in a range of CCTs and lumens for commercial and residential applications.

Sustainable, state-of-the-art, comprehensive line of linear products for architectural, commercial, industrial, indoor, recessed, and linear in suspended, surface, and pendant mount applications for use in hospitals, schools, offices, assisted living, commercial and residential, as well as outdoor environments.

A broad array of the highest-quality recessed downlights and architectural track lighting, combo lighting for retail and commercial interiors, and high-end residential. Recessed lighting is available in a variety of trims and shapes, including round and square, flange and trimless. Includes rotating fixtures that lock in position, task and accent lighting delivering a full range of textures and hues for any retail, hospitality, and entertainment application.

Combining smart design and premium performance, providing bath, ceiling, pendant lights, chandeliers, floor/table lamps, wall sconces, fans, and outdoor lanterns that elevate interior and exterior architectural, commercial, residential, retail, assisted living, and hospitality applications.

Advanced fire-resistant technology, fully-assembled and easy-to-install, made with high-quality materials designed to meet or exceed One or Two-hour Fire-Rated IC and Non-IC codes. Available in recessed downlights with multiple light sources, engineered to provide unrivaled protection for high-rise residential, hospitality, assisted living, and commercial applications.

The highest  efficiencies in sustainable  and energy saving products for today
tomorrow and into the future is Elite™commitment to its customers and the market place.