How to Explore Rebates on DLC® Qualified and ENERGY STAR® Certified Products from Elite Lighting:

2 – Start your search by selecting:

          Product Category: Choose from broad product groups.
          Product Search: Type at least 3 characters of the series name.

3 – The chart will dynamically update with available products based on your selections.

4 – Useful Tools:

          Export All to Excel: Obtain a comprehensive list of available products.
          Export to Excel: Tailor your data export according to your preferences.

5 – Additional Filters:

          Utilize the “Classification” filter to refine results based on DLC Premium, DLC Standard, or Energy Star.

6 – Customize Columns:

          Click “Show/Hide Columns” to personalize your data view.

7 – Entries Quantity:

          Select the number of products you want to view on a single page.

8 – Rebate Search:

          Input your Zip Code.
          Choose the utility from the drop-down list.

9 – Estimating Rebates:

          Fine-tune “Existing Wattage” and “Annual Hours” for accurate rebate estimates.

10 – Prescriptive vs. Midstream:

          Begin with prescriptive programs for a straightforward experience

Note: If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team for guidance.