High PerformanceLEDQuickShip (Up to 250)

OWP-NC-204-LED-2000L/3000L/4000L-DIM10-120-347V-30K/40K/50K-BZ-PHC – Up to 250

Dynamic Platforms and Technologies:

High Performance

High Performance

The Compact Slim LED wall pack provides outdoor emergencylighting for low mounting heights. The fully enclosed-and-gasketedhousing is IP65-rated for full protection against water and dirt.Suitable for applications requiring Path of Egress lighting, includingoutdoor environments exposed to rain and extreme moisture such asparking decks, carports, and pathways. Full cut-off meets Dark Skyrequirements. Luminaire includes photocell (not motion detector)and EMG standard. The unit can be controlled by a switch, timer, orphotocell.

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OWP-NC-204-LED-ML-CCT High Performance

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