High PerformanceLEDQuickShip (Up to 250)

OVT-LED-1000L/1400L/1700L-MVOLT-30K/40K/50K-GR-CM – Up to 250
OVT-LED-1000L/1400L/1700L-MVOLT-30K/40K/50K-GR-WM – Up to 250

Dynamic Platforms and Technologies:

High Performance

High Performance

The OVT, an IP55-, wet-location-rated compact vapor tight, delivers high output and even distribution. Weather- and corrosion-resistant and ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Available in either ceiling or wall mount with a clear or frosted glass lens. Ideal for corridors, tunnels, service areas, and stairwells.

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OVT-LED-ML-CCT High Performance

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