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High Performance

High Performance

5 Inch LED dedicated NON-IC housing with integral LED heat management casting and driver (installed on junction box). Designed for new construction installations and suitable for use in non-insulated covered ceilings. Produces over 900 lumens & 1200 lumens. Lighting is smooth and comfortable, all while using 75% less energy than the equivalent 75WBR30 and 50% less than the common 26W CFL. Plus the MAXILUME LED system features 70% lumen maintenance at 50,000hrs of life, with Energy Star and California Title 24 (compliances pending). Available with downlight, wall wash, wet location, and decorative trim options.

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Spec Sheets

H5-LED High Performance

Compatible Trims


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5 Inch Metal Albalite Lens

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5 Inch Albalite Lens with Plastic Trim Ring

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5 Inch Designer Dome Lens

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5 Inch Metal Fresnel Lens

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5 Inch Fresnel Lens with Plastic Trim Ring

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5 Inch Reflector

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5 Inch Baffle with Albalite Lens

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5 Inch Baffle with Fresnel Lens

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5 Inch Reflector with Albalite Lens

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5 Inch Reflector with Fresnel Lens

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