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4-OWVS1-LED-4000L/5000L/6000L-DIM10-MVOLT-35K/40K/50K-85 – Up to 500

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The OWVS1 with multi-lumen, multi-CCT selector switches is an IP65-rated enclosed-and-gasketed linear fixture designed to withstand harsh conditions. Mix and match different color temperature and lumen output combinations in the field using the LM/CCT selector switches. Durable, snap-in construction with easy-to-access wiring compartment and a shallow, lightweight design permits quick, easy installation. For either surface or suspended mounting and supplied with all external hardware constructed of stainless steel. Suggested applications include cold storage, canopy, car washes, food processing, parking garages, and environments where weathering, high temperature, humidity and dust occur.

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4-OWVS1-LED-ML-CCT High Performance

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4-OWVS1-LED-ML-CCT High Performance

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