LEDQuickShip (Up to 250)

22-OAT2-LED-2000L/3000L/4000L/5000L-DIM10-MVOLT-30K/35K/40K/50K-85 – Up to 250

Dynamic Platforms and Technologies:

The OAT2-LED is the Slim fully luminance grille light with new louver anti-glare design, the compact and seamless splicing make it a great looking. It adopts anti-glare prism plate to reach UGR<19, direct lighting design makes a high lumen efficiency and uniform light output, it is an ideal combination of stylish and high performance The glare-free illumination, high efficiency and sustainability of the luminaire makes it the ideal source for corporate offices, educational, healthcare, commercial, and retail applications.

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Spec Sheets

22-OAT2-LED-ML-CCT High Performance

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