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Energy Efficiency Redefined

Enlighted delivers the most intelligent Lighting Control System in the world today. Built on an Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, the system consists of a network of LED lights and our patented sensors connected together to form our sensor and analytics platform. Data is collected 65 times/second to detect environmental and occupancy changes and take action on lighting needs in real-time.

Discover How Much You Can Save

Improves overall light quality with LED and sensor light fixtures

Increases energy savings up to 88%

Lowers lighting maintenance costs up to 25%

Collects large volume of data for lighting and other applications

Task tuning, occupancy data and daylight harvesting increase savings

Initial installation and services paid for out of energy cost savings

Unlimited scalability for the enterprise


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Micro Sensor


control unit

Architectural Downlighting, Small Aperture Specification Downlights,
Architectural Cylinder, Combo Lighting, flat panel


2 Wires Sensor

XSR driver

Architectural Slot, Recessed Linear, Suspended Mount,
Surface Mount Fixtures

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Gateway Control Room Energy Manager

Energy Efficiency Redefined

Integrated. Enlighted Energy Manager works closely with our advanced sensors to produce a commercial-grade lighting control system that is second to none. Constant communication with Enlighted sensors maintains lighting at its most optimum level for occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

Insightful. Information from each sensor is pushed to the Energy Manager for usage analysis. Providing important data about how a building is being utilized by its occupants allows building management to adjust usage to increase energy efficiency. The Energy Manager also provides important information about how much energy the new lighting system is saving the company.

Real-Time. This real-time information makes it easy to project the annual ROI that will be realized from the Enlighted advanced lighting system. Powerful. Finally, building management has been given access to the right tools and information to take control over their organization’s energy usage.

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