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Distributor Portal

Empowering our distributors with efficiency and adaptability, our Distributor Portal is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline your operations. With real-time order tracking, instant product availability checks, and flexible alternative exploration, you gain unmatched visibility and adaptability. Elevate your online presence effortlessly with downloadable tools, allowing you to customize catalogs and access essential product resources. Experience mastery over your orders and enhance your distributorship with Elite Lighting’s Distributor Portal.

  • Order Mastery: Track and witness real-time order progress.
  • Real Product Availability: Instantly check and ensure product availability.
  • Alternative Exploration: Discover flexible product choices for heightened adaptability.
  • Downloadable Tools: Elevate your online presence with customizable catalogs and essential product resources.

E-Commerce Brilliance Through API Connectivity

Elevate your online retail experience with Elite Lighting’s E-Commerce Solutions. Gain access to comprehensive technical information, detailed product specifications, and a wealth of features and benefits. Our API connectivity includes UPC codes, mapped pricing, dimensions, and weight for a seamless integration with your website. Connect to our portal for real-time inventory display, providing your customers with accurate information for effortless purchasing. Our commitment to excellence extends to programmers, with detailed API documentation provided for a smooth integration process.

  • Technical Empowerment: Harness comprehensive product details, features, and UPC codes.
  • Real-Time Integration: Connect our portal to your website for live inventory display, empowering customer purchasing.
API Request Form

Revolutionize Your Business with Elite Lighting’s Dynamic API Integration

Unlock the full potential of your business operations with Elite Lighting’s cutting-edge Application Programming Interface (API). Our API is not just a link; it’s a seamless bridge connecting your system directly to ours. Gain unparalleled access to real-time data, empowering you to make informed buying decisions or provide customers with a self-service experience within your own platform.

FAQs – Illuminate Your Understanding:

What is Elite Lighting’s API? Elite Lighting’s API, or Application Programming Interface, is a revolutionary tool that opens up our application’s data and functionality, allowing seamless integration with external third-party partners for real-time data sharing.

Which API does Elite Lighting currently offer? Our Inventory API is at your disposal, enabling you to pull real-time information on Elite Lighting’s inventory directly into your existing systems.

Benefits of Elite Lighting’s API

  • • See data within your existing platforms
  • • Gain visibility into data through your existing login platform with zero wait time

Getting Started: To embark on this transformative journey

  1. Ensure you have the technological capability to connect and the necessary resources for implementation.
  2. Fill out our Request to Connect form here.
  3. Once received, we’ll share specifications and guide you through the code production process.
  4. Schedule a secure hand-off of authentication codes.
  5. Implement the codes on your end, and voilà – witness the seamless integration of Elite Lighting’s API into your business ecosystem.

EDI/VMI Integration

  • B2B Synergy: Revolutionize supplier interactions, streamlining transactions for unmatched convenience.


  • User-Friendly Excellence: Navigate over 75 product categories effortlessly.
  • Smart Search Engine: Precision in finding Energy Star, DLC, BABA, Declare, and Quick Ship Products.
  • Innovative Tools: From Lighting Layout and Energy Rebate calculators to an interactive Inspiration Gallery.
  • Project Design Prowess: Access IES and Revit files for seamless project design.

Elevate your distribution game with Elite – where efficiency meets profitability. Your success, our commitment.