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24-FPL-BL-LED-3000L/4000L/5000L-DIM10-120-347V-35K/40K/50K-85 – Up to 500
24-FPL-BL-LED-3000L/4000L/5000L-DIM10-MVOLT-35K/40K/50K-85 – Up to 500
24-FPL-BL-LED-4000L/5000L/6000L-DIM10-120-347V-35K/40K/50K-85 – Up to 500
24-FPL-BL-LED-4000L/5000L/6000L-DIM10-MVOLT-35K/40K/50K-85 – Up to 500
24-FPL-BL-LED-6000L/7000L/8000L-DIM10-120-347V-35K/40K/50K-85 – Up to 500
24-FPL-BL-LED-6000L/7000L/8000L-DIM10-MVOLT-30K/35K/40K-85 – Up to 500
24-FPL-BL-LED-6000L/7000L/8000L-DIM10-MVOLT-35K/40K/50K-85 – Up to 500

Dynamic Platforms and Technologies:

The clean design of the FLP1-BL provides a modern alternative to traditional fluorescent troffers. Available in 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4. Backlit design delivers unmatchable uniform light distribution. Easily adjust brightness level (multi-lumen) and color options (multi-CCT) in the field with multi-lumen and multi-CCT selectors. Perfect for offices, schools, healthcare, hospital, retail, among other applications.


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24-FPL-BL-LED-ML-CCT High Performance

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24-FPL-BL-LED-ML-CCT High Performance

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