Design Hub will be linked to Product Configurator tool

In the near future, you will have access to the Product Configurator tool by one click in the Design Hub. You can also generate part numbers in your project lists through this tool.


Click “configurator” (under Part Number column) to take you to our Product Configurator tool, which pre-selects the product build that you have already selected from Click next to select your customized options in the product build page. After you have finished and saved your options, complete part numbers will auto-populate in your project list.

Bug Fixed

Update includes capacity of more than 10 items to show in project list. You can now sort and order all of your items (using drag and drop) on the same page, whether it’s 100 or 200 items and above.

Share your list

Now you can share your products list with anybody no matters where they are via our email template or your own!


1) Hold your mouse cursor on “Share The List” button.

2) Select “Copy Link” if you want to use list address in your email template and simply paste it through content of your email.

3) Select “Send by Email” if you want to use Elite Lighting email template.

Duplicate function now live

Now you can duplicate any item in your list. Click “duplicate” button to create copies of same product. You can make as many copies as you want.

Why do I need this?

Helpful when you need same fixture with different options, such as with or without emergency back-up battery. Also useful when you have the same fixture but in a different area of your project space, such as in a hallway vs a cafeteria.


1) Click “duplicate” button.

2) Alter part number. Make sure both part numbers are correct.

3) Differentiate between the two items by naming, for example, “A” or “B” under Type column.

New update includes bug fixes. Fixes an issue where manually reordering through drag and drop caused items to appear as 0 instead of automatically renumbering.

Reorderable drag-and-drop project lists

We made renumbering super easy. Open your project list, then drag and drop each item to reorder them. Magic!

Have something to say? Introducing Notes.

If you have notes for your customers, such as to indicate that you added power packs or an emergency back-up battery, you can now conveniently add individual memos for each item.

Simply open your desired project list, and start typing your message in the Notes column. You can click “save all” to save your changes. After 5 seconds, your changes will automatically be saved.

Have any suggestions on cool features? Let us know and we can make it happen. – Elite Web Developer Team

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