Elite Lighting provides lighting solutions for hospitals and other world-class healthcare facilities such as USC Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and UCLA Medical Center. Our company is customer-centric, and so we focus on providing the right solutions for those communities that we respect, including doctors, teachers, and caretakers.

By providing lighting solutions for healthcare communities, we help set a healing and nurturing atmosphere. Providing lighting solutions for healthcare facilities doesn’t just mean helping patients heal faster, it means helping doctors, nurses, technicians, custodians, and other healthcare workers to better serve others.

Providing lighting solutions for healthcare facilities means that, even if it’s just a little, we give back to the community. Elite Lighting strives to do our part, and we are committed to providing full lighting solutions for healthcare facilities.



Indoor Architectural Cylinders

Small Aperture Specification

Combo Lighting

Recessed Linear Slot

Surface Linear Slot

Suspended Linear Slot

Wall Mount Linear Slot

Recessed Volumetric

Recessed Direct/Indirect

Troffer & Parabolic

Flat Panel

Suspended Linear Direct/ Indirect

Surface Troffer/Parabolic

Surface Wall Mount